What Really Motivates Us

This is one of the coolest lectures I’ve heard. I can totally appreciate and relate to what Dan Pink is talking about. My job as a web developer and designer is considered a “rudimentary cognitive skill.”

Now, his message is not to pay your professionals less money so they’ll be more productive but to allow them to concentrate on their passion of what they do without the thought of money or any type of reward. People in my line of profession want to be passionate about what they’re doing and allowed to accomplish their job without someone standing on their feet about it. We want to concentrate on our work and enjoy it. That is our reward. That’s why we do what we do.Read More

Controlling Image Sizes In WordPress

When building a Content Management System for a client, one of the main concerns for a designer is image sizes. If your client is going to be uploading and inserting images into their pages and blog posts then you want the integrity of the design to remain intact; while still allowing your client the freedom to post media without the concern of breaking stuff.

No one wants to open their web page only to see that a huge, or mis-managed, image has pushed content off to the side and completely damaged any credibility of the website to its current or potential readers. Typically this isn’t due to a lack of caring by the author. It’s usually an issue of content providers not understanding the complexities of image sizes and resolutions in relation to web design an content authoring.Read More

Chasing Amy – The Scene

I was stumbling through movie quotes the other day and I came across a blog that listed the top 25 most romantic movie quotes. Don’t ask why this interested me, it just did. This article even had a quote from Gone With The Wind which I particularly appreciated even though I’ve never seen the movie. Either way, some of them were good and some were pretty lame. Whatever right? That’s the beauty of top whatever lists is you can agree or disagree but they do get you thinking about the subject matter.

What I did notice was the blog missed a quote from one of my favorite Kevin Smith movies, Chasing Amy. Although not the most popular, mainstream movie, I think it makes the cut. The scene is where Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) announces his love for his friend, Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams) who just happens to be, well, gay. Check out the clip.

This definitely doesn’t capture the entire moment and the ending to the scene is cut out where she runs back into the frame, jumps into Holden’s arms and kisses him. They make-out all intensely on the truck, in the rain, and then… of course sleep together. Which throws a wrench in the whole friend/gay/straight/lovers dynamic. It’s pretty interesting. Especially when Holden’s best friend, Banky (Jason Lee) walks in on them in the morning after, naked and on his couch.

If you’re a Kevin Smith fan, like myself, and haven’t seen this movie check it out. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s got the witty banter, great characters and as always an underlying geek motif since pretty much all the characters are comic book illustrators and writers. There’s also a cameo from Jay and Silent Bob.

Snoochie BoochiesRead More

Benito Martinez, Campaign Ads

Man, what a long day but it’s good to get back into some design work; print layouts, etc. My uncle recently decided to run for a political position a few months ago and my contribution to him and his campaign was a campaign website (www.BenitoMartinezJr.com) and to help him out with some graphic design. Tonight we put together a really cool mailer that should go out a couple days prior to the election. It is a very simple and to the point post card sized mailer. That was our goal. We didn’t want to oversaturate the message. Simple and sweet.

Benito Martinez Postcard Mailer - Front

Benito Martinez Postcard Mailer - Back

Anyhow, the coolest part of the night was just hangin’ out with my uncle. He’s been a rock in my life and it’s good to chill out with him and “shoot the shit.” He’s definitely someone I’ve looked up to throughout my life.