More WordPress Vs. Joomla and a New Theme

WordPress Vs. JoomlaSo I have continued my journey into WordPress and so far so good. I haven’t had to “hack” anything yet but I’m not holding my breath. Some things to be considered: I really like the WordPress admin interface. It’s simple and easy to work with. I have also discovered the automatic installation for “official” or endorsed extensions. I guess I should have looked for that feature before commenting on it in one of my previous posts. Although it’s not as user-friendly as Joomla’s extension/component installation methods, it is convenient. I mean, who wants to download a .zip file and ftp into their web host just to install an extension? That’s so Web 1.0.

The differences between Joomla and WordPress have become even more apparent now that I’ve been able to become a little more familiar with WordPress. Joomla has A LOT more available to it from the initial install where as WordPress is simple and allows you to build from its simplicity. Joomla takes a different approach because of the fact that it’s a CMS in its entirety and not just a blogging platform. WordPress however seems to start off being easy and highly customizable without the headaches of how everything works and how it all comes together. I can appreciate both applications in what they do and how they approach the end-user experience. They’re both very great in their own right. I started this blog expecting to completely dis-own and bash the Joomla platform – if you want to call it that – only to realize that in it’s own right Joomla is an awesome application when used correctly. There is a definite learning curve but in the end it offers so much out of the box, it’s amazing.

On the other hand is WordPress. Simple and small but with an enormous user-base and wealth of support from it’s community of users and developers. I really appreciate the fact that it starts off easy and as simple as possible. I keep using the term “simple” because that’s exactly what it is: simple. For me this is more of a hobby that I anticipate being able to make a little money on for people/clients wanting a web presence with their business or personal endeavours. So I don’t want to spend a lot of time configuring and editing an interface on top of skinning a theme and creating menus or hacking components. So with that in mind, after the WordPress install and a few graphic modifications, I was off and running creating content.

The first thing I did after my WordPress installation was look for a blank and easily customizable theme. Initially I was using something a little more generic when I stumbled onto Thematic from The install was fairly simple and so was the skinning of the theme. I obviously didn’t change much besides the page background and header graphics. That of course, is the beauty of open-source. No need to build what’s already been built and made available to you. So “thank you” Ian Stewart for your work and dedication on the Thematic theme. Here’s your plug.

Rob Theme based on Thematic

The theme isn’t completely finished and I have some IE tweaks to finish but for now the logo shows up fine only the background doesn’t in IE yet. Did I mention I can’t stand IE? If I haven’t stated that yet, I do.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll obviously continue my ventures and hacks into WordPress so stay tuned for more. If you’re interested in my latest involvements or just “what I’m doing.” You can follow me on Twitter. Thanks for reading and comments are appreciated.